Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: When is may child library book due?


Books are checked out for two weeks at the date of check out. Students usually have library weekly. They can also be returned any day before school when I am on duty in front of the Library.

FAQ2: My child could not check out a book from the Library today why?


1. Your child's Library Permission was not signed and returned to the Library

2. Your child had the maximum amount of books out for grade level.

3. Your child has an overdue book

4. Your child had a missing or lost book from another Clover Park Library

FAQ3. My child has lost his library book how do we deal with this?


1. The book is paid for in full by check or cash

2. Purchase an acceptable replacement of equal value

3. Speak with the Librarian to work out another option

If the lost book is found and returned in good condition refunds will be given.

FAQ4. How do does my child access Clover Park Data Bases


Students are shown access codes and are give copies of access user names and passwords, Contact the Librarian for my information.

FAQ 5 My child's library was damaged while in his/ her care?


If it is minor damage we will try to repair and no fee will be charged. If the the damaged is major the student will be charged a fee.