#SuperSchoolShoutOut: Evergreen!

#SuperSchoolShoutOut: Evergreen!
Posted on 12/06/2023

This week, we’re showing our CPSD pride with a #SuperSchoolShoutOut to Evergreen Elementary School!

Evergreen is one of the six CPSD elementary schools located on Joint Base Lewis McChord. For Principal Diana Dix, acceptance, kindness and care are always top of mind for her students and staff. This December at Evergreen, the focus is on gratitude and encouraging everyone to explore how they can each show their appreciation for one another on campus.

“I love the diversity of the staff, students and families of our Evergreen community,” said Principal Dix. “We love and care for kids no matter how they come to us and what their needs are.”

Evergreen is located next to Madagan Army Medical Center and serves many military-connected students with special needs. The hospital works closely with Evergreen students with the care they need to thrive in a school environment, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health resources and more.

Principal Dix is excited to have launched Wolf Country at Evergreen this year. “We have always been the Timberwolves, but this year, we are making our teachers the wolves and the students their pups to encourage school spirit and create a family pack environment,” she said. “On this campus, our community grows together and looks out for one another.”

Evergreen Elementary School

To continue our Super School Shoutout to Evergreen, we'd like to honor fifth grader Carly Duenus and resource paraeducator Rose Wilcox.

Carly thinks this year is “going good.” She loves her teacher, Ms. Donovan, enjoys flexing her natural math skills and likes to help her fellow students in class. One of her favorite subjects is writing, and she’s currently working on an essay about her favorite donut, the blue tsunami.

Carly excelled in all her classes this year with a straight-A report card and a stellar student-led conference. “I usually help out other people, and I always get my homework done on time,” she said. Her work ethic is notable, and she stands out for participating in class, being an excellent role model and showing top Timberwolf qualities.

Carly is a little nervous about middle school next year, but she’s sure she’ll succeed. She’s keeping her eye on the future and hopes to have a successful career as a professional artist.

Rose and Carly

Rose joined the Wolfpack three years ago after finishing school. She interviewed with many districts but decided to join CPSD after her interviewer gave her wise advice.

“At the end of the interview, I asked, ‘How do you know if you’re doing your job as a para?’” Rose said. “My interviewer told me that if when I leave the kids miss me, then I’ll know, and I was very touched by that and decided CPSD had the caring environment I wanted to work in.”

Rose works with students from each grade level by pulling them out of class for focused, individualized learning sessions. She teaches every topic and enjoys supporting students who need a little more help to thrive. She also grew up as a military child and feels closely connected to Evergreen’s students.

I struggled in school growing up and constantly felt uprooted by our family’s moves, so I want to be the teacher I needed when I was young,” she said.

Welcome to Wolf Country!