Policies and Procedures

Evergreen Elementary Library Policy and Procedures

Selection Policy:

Materials and books are carefully chosen to meet developmental stages, reading levels and curriculum needs of the students of Evergreen Elementary. After determining the needs materials are selected through, personal research, recommendations of teacher and other librarians, and inservices. When possible book reviews from School Library Journal, Wilson Children Catalog, Horn book and other reviewing journals are used to determine reading levels and developmental ages.


In the Library, students are expected to 
Resourceful of people and materials.

Check Out:

All students must have a signed library permission form returned before they may check out. These forms are located in the Library by the check out desk. Each student and staff are assigned a library check out bar codes These barcodes remain in the library at all times. Students barcodes are found on there are individual library shelf card. Student books are checked out for a two-week period. Any student wishing to keep a book longer may renew the book at least once. Additional renewal will be granted as long as there are no request for the book. 


Fines are not charged for overdue books. Fines will be assessed for damaged or lost books. Students with overdue books of three weeks or more or have lost books will not be able to check out library until books are returned or fines are resolved. Books that are not returned at the end of school year will be places as lost and fines assessed for the cost of the book. 

The number of books to be checked are the following:

Kindergarten and First Grade 1 book
Second Grade 1 book first Quarter and 2 books 2nd Quarter
Third Grade and Fourth Grade 2 books* 
Fifth Grade 2 books* 
*unless more are approved for a research project or have an COOL Kid Badge

Students are encouraged to make selections based on their own interests and curriculum needs.

Book Care Guidelines. - 

Keep library books out of the reach of young children and pets. Always have clean hands while using library books. Keep books away from food and drinks. Bring books to and from school in a waterproof backpack. It's a good idea to wrap books in plastic bags or keep in zip lock bags during the "rainy' season or if you carry liquids of any kind in your backpack.

Never repair a book at home. Please bring it to the library immediately if it's damaged and we can try and repair it. Minor repairs will not be charged a fee. Options for book replacement include: 

1) payment in full,
2) purchase an acceptable replacement of equal value, or 
3) work out something with the librarian as needed- Refunds will be given if lost books are found and returned in good condition.

If you have questions about an over due notice, please contact Ms. Nichols 

Occasionally, the computer may not process a book correctly and the book may be on the shelf. Sometimes, parents may send a book back to school with a child, but it does not make it down to the library. Either way, please let us know and we'll help to "track it down".


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Richard Reed, Teacher Librarian at [email protected] or by calling 253 583 5250.